Effectively addressing our clients’ various needs for increasing brand values, Nation Online not only provides plenty of strategies and plans, but also takes charge of implementing all the tasks thoughout the process. Surpassing traditional business models, our company creatively employs and integrates advertising, public relations, events and digital marketing tools, providing our clients with one-stop services in the field of brand integrated marketing.

>Advertising Communication

Our company provides clients with customized branding and marketing services, including professional and precise advertising communication services. We also provide comprehensive media channels for our clients, including newspapers, magazines, the Internet, mobiles, and outdoor media, ranging from mass communication media to specificly professional market media.

>Public Relations Communication

As a crucial part of integrated marketing communication, Public Relations has become one of the most important business sectors for Nation Online. Public Relations services offered by our company focus on providing our clients with customized Public Relations strategies and effective communications projects. To ensure the quality of our services, our company’s strategic, creative and executive professionals analyze continuously brand positioning, competitors and target audience, and through identifying features of brands and new products, we distinguish the above from similar products offered by our competitors in order to compose comprehensive Public Relations strategies for brand owners.

>Digital Marketing

Digital communication is drawing more and more attention from our clients. We offer a wealth of digital media resources, including but not limited to, mainstream Internet sites and wireless media. Using digital media and based on professional data analysis skills, excellent strategies, extensive online media resources and strong project execution capacity, Nation Online continues to excel at providing outstanding services in the area of network integrated marketing.

>Event Marketing

Offline marketing activities are an indispensable part of brand marketing. Our event marketing develops and implements tailored marketing campaigns to improve brand image to attract and hold on to consumers, and engages end users in one-on-one marketing experience to enhance knowledge of the product, which drives users to make on-the-spot purchase decisions. In a nutshell, Nation Online launches marketing and promoting activities according to our clients’ specific requirements to enhance brand recognition among potential consumers.

>Education Marketing

As an education marketing project under Nation Online, Inc. China Academy aims to localize and redesign online degree courses offered by overseas colleges and universities in U.S. and Europe and promote them in China’s market, enabling China students to receive overseas school education and obtain qualification certificates or degrees using fast and convenient information on the Internet. On one hand, China Academy delivers overseas schools’ online curricula promoting their globalization and recruiting more students. On the other hand, China Academy greatly increases brand awareness for overseas schools.