Nation Online, Founded in 2008, Nation Online is a digital marketing firm in New York. Its main business is to provide digital marketing solutions and brand communication strategies, as well as professional analysis and reports on industries, companies and brands to international and Chinese clients. Today, Nation Online has developed hundreds of VIP customers around the globe, grown into a multimedia company, and gained customer trust and recognition.

The parent company, World Executive Group, is a leading provider of strategic consulting and commercial media organization chaired by 1999 Nobel Laureate in economics Robert Mundell. By creatively consolidating a variety of methods to provide comprehensive, one-stop value-added services, we manage to meet customers’ demand, lower their total budgets and increase their brand value.

We integrate a variety of business formats to provide customers with one-stop services. In addition, the company has its proprietary media, a field demanding high-level management and resource integration capability, and as a result constituting our competitive strength and barriers to entry for our rivals. The communication strategy of the company prioritizes utility and features precision and efficiency, which helps to optimize the clients’ budget or return on investment. Therefore, the popularity of our value-added marketing services increases particularly among our clients during their tight budget times.