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> Medical Editor

Full time in New York, NY Salary $60,000.00 per year

Job Description:
● Research, translate, organize and analyze medicine related literature;
● Write and prepare medical related projects and paperwork in English and Chinese, e.g. specialized questions, research questions, discussion topics;
● Collect, analyze and file medical data;
● Edit annual rankings and reviews of hospitals and doctors, e.g. Hospital Review, Doctor Review.

● Master or higher degree in medicine, pharmaceutical sciences or other related areas;
● Excellent reading, writing and speaking skills in Chinese and English;
● Familiar with medical literature research;
● Team player with good communication and collaboration skills;
● Familiar with various Internet software;
● Clinical experience or experience in website editing is preferred.

> Education Editor

Full time in New York, NY Salary $60,000.00 per year

Job Description:
● Identify, gather, select, edit and research higher education related news, information, cases and data, especially in course selection, evaluation, translation and promotion, and teacher review;
● Write research reports on the hot topics/issues in higher education, especially about data collection, mining and analysis methodology of universities ranking lists ;
● Compose annual University Review and Course Review in Chinese and English.

● Master or higher degree in education or related areas;
● Familiar with basic educational theories
● Knowledge and experience in data collection, mining and analysis;
● Excellent writing skills in both English and Chinese;
● Knowledge and experience in data and statistical analysis;
● Excellent communication skills and a good team player.

> Business analyst

Full time in New York, NY Salary $70,000.00 per year

Job Description:
● Research for business, finance, and industry information, analyze industry development history and current conditions, predict industry development trends, draft industry-related strategic planning, and compose research reports.
● Plan survey and research projects, and conduct industrial survey projects on a regular basis.
● Build up research analysis models, and analyze, evaluate and predict industry dynamics, potentials and trends

● Master or higher degree required, majors in economics/ management, science and engineering preferred
● Excellent industrial analysis report and project writing skills
● Familiar with professional analysis tools of industrial value chain, industrial organization , and competitive analysis
● Excellent communication, comprehension, analysis, judgement and problem-solving abilities

> Brand Consultant

Full time in New York, NY Salary $80,000.00 per year

Job Description:
● Independently lead and manage brand or corporate culture consulting projects
● Provide consulting services for clients, especially brand consulting services on the basis of social media
● Provide tailored brand assessment and training according to their needs;
● Participate in developing branding strategy, establish strategic management system of branding and reach agreement with clients;
● Project execution and supervision.

● Master or higher degree from prestigious universities or colleges;
● At least 3-year experience in brand management and consulting; able to independently complete a consulting project about corporate branding strategic planning;
● Good teamplayer, rich experience in project management, superb customer service mentality, excellent communication skills and keen insights into market trends;
● Outstanding ability in planning, analyzing, summarizing and continuous learning.

> Operations Research Analyst

Full time in New York, NY Salary $80,413.00 per year

Job Description:
● Support business operations and all business functions and directly report to CEO; collaborate with senior managers and decision makers to identify operational problems, clarify strategic initiatives and devise problem-solving actions.
● Leverage tools including SQL and Excel (Vlookup, pivot tables and Macros) to formulate mathematical and simulation models and drive statistical analysis of large sets of data to define operational problems, optimize business performance, minimize operational risks, reduce cost and increase revenue, and improve overall business functions across multiple business lines.
● Lead ongoing reviews of business processes and develop optimization strategies. Generate descriptive profiles from historical data; develop predictive analysis techniques and algorithms to improve business operations.
● Track business performance and KPI trends against operating plans, prepare variance analysis for management and other key stakeholders. Effectively communicate insights and plans to cross-functional team members and management.

● Master’s Degree in Finance, Global Finance or Analytics;
● Two years experiences as Operations Research Analyst, Risk Analyst, Financial Analyst, Data Analyst or related position performing data analysis using SQL and Excel (Vlookup, pivot tables and Macros).

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